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Piano Removals Tips

Move your Grand or Upright Piano with our team fully equipped with Piano Moving dolly and other tools. Pianos come in different sizes and types. Pianos are used to compose music and make new tunes. Upright pianos and grand pianos are more difficult to move from one place to another. Although it is nearly impossible to move a piano all by yourself, you need to hire some experienced and trained piano relocation team from a reputed and prominent moving and storage company like Taha man and van company.

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Taha Piano Removal Company

Taha man with van Piano Removals London  has a strong history of removing upright, large and antique giant pianos. It is obvious that you need a whole team to move the piano because usually their weight range from 600-800 lbs so, moving a piano only with the help of two or three men is very difficult. Only Taha man and van can provide as many men as you want to relocate your piano.

Here I will share some basic tips that can help you with the relocation of your piano from one place to another.

Tip# 1

Before moving the piano know the weight of the piano. Do tell about the weight of the piano to the removal team. In this way they will make correct and accurate measures for your piano.

Tip # 2

The weight of the piano is determined by the cast iron harp. The iron harp holds the string together. Small piano weight usually ranges from 300-400lbs and a large grand piano weighs around 600-800lbs. If you own a small upright piano or a large grand piano as you should only contact an experienced, trained and courteous piano removal team with a popular removal company like a Taha man with a van piano removal company. Only a pro piano mover an move your piano quickly without a single scratch.

Tip # 3

Most pianos have metal casters and if you are thinking that you can roll the piano on these casters easily then you are wrong. The metal casters are small and they are just for the decoration purpose. The casters can put ugly scratch marks on the floor and they get Detroit due to placed in a single place for a long time. So, don’t trust them for the moving you may use the piano dolly instead. The casters can even cause leg break of the grand piano if you will put too much force to move the piano on the casters.

Tip# 4

You may use the piano dolly to move the piano from one place to another. It is the most simple and easy way to move the piano from one place to another. Piano dolly can be used to move the piano on the plywood or grass so that it won’t damage the floor or the grass. You can easily use it and the piano removal team will help you with piano relocation for sure.

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You can contact the Taha man and van London piano removal today if you are thinking to move the piano from living room to basement. You can get a quote for free for the piano removal.